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Maybe I’ll fall on my way back home
Lie on the ground waiting for the call
My hiding place still feels so far away
And I’ll never know if we will be alright

From where I am all the stars are lost
Stumbling across turning twenty-nine
And I was blind before I looked at you
Now I can see colours when you smile

Don’t know if I will find my way to you
Giving it all is hard when we don’t call
But in the end I’ve got to let things be
At twenty-nine we ought to be alright


Sunset came down in no hurry
Kissing ‘em waves oh so gently
I love the tune they play in twilight
As you bury my feet deep in the sand

I wonder if love is real in this paradise
Or just illusion born off my state of mind
It’s less lonely when you’re around
But I don’t know how long it will be

So here we are still with no answer
I’m swept away in too many directions
But with you I never need a reason
Till we part I’ll savour this blissful moment


Came like it was meant to be
Full of misplaced hope, probably
Another 365 days of going in circle
You tell me where we’re gonna be.



Fog filled with breath
of last autumn leaves finding their way to the ground.
Yellow greyish charm
of a small town preparing to fall deep asleep.
Cobblestone streets
full of souls still searching for answers.

But somewhere in between there’s love
from the ones who just wish to wander.



I rolled onto the floor like a butterfly in the dark,
I was confused by the sound of music playing so loud around me.
But soon gravity took hold, and it held me down,
orbiting in circles like the craziest of them all.

The centre ring had a lot of swag,
men and boys moving smoothly like stags.
I must say the girls were not too bad either,
undoubtedly, they were all better than me.

And so I kept on rolling, really trying to find a purpose.
In my awkward movements I found nothing at all.
And I was scared I was going to knock somebody down.
or worse, be knocked down on the ground myself.

In the end, there was nothing I could do but hope for the best,
that the illusive longing for repetition would eventually come to me.
I left the place with quite a lot in my head.
It’s been a survival lesson, this trip of mind.



The end of the night comes when I’m most awake.
In this empty space there’s not much to mourn about.
The sound of life returns in between my transition.
And I know that leaving will not seem like leaving at all.

But time still flows while people wait for their turn –
quite a bizarre trick nature has decided to play on us.
So here I am, chatting away this long oblivion.
Seoul morning welcomes and says goodbye all the same.



Long way down,
where the horizon kisses the sky,
I will wait for you
to make sense of my restless mind.
And the sleepless nights–
they will be a distant memory.
I know you’re good
for here eternity ain’t far away.

Swirling clouds–
a quite moment before the storm.
A song of life
completed by the sound of rain drops.
The loneliness
I’ve always felt will be a memory.
For you are here,
and my eternity ain’t far away.

And so it goes–
my last moment on this Earth.
A thing of beauty
only you and I would ever know.
I won’t forget
cause time will soon stop running out.
You smile quietly
for here eternity ain’t far away.
I know you’re good
for here eternity ain’t far away.



Boxed up, let’s go!
Memories flow, sure you should know.
Tiniest things, let go.
Running in circles, time to break free.
Picture your life
full of mundane, yet the smallest fragments–
they all make sense.

Self-doubt, regrets–
no time at all, just feel the flow.
Changes are strange,
yet the constant can make you numb.
Imagine how
you’d carry on, but long for the moments
of pure insanity.

Reality bites, I know.
It’s never easy just to let go.
No wasted time was spent,
not even now, not even then.
Your box is full,
but time still flows, and the smallest moments–
they’ll all make sense.



Tonight I made peace with being.
Stopped questioning the past
and worrying about what lies ahead,
even if just for a while.

Tonight I drove home in the dark,
and nothing was clear in my mind.
Yet darkness felt calmingly good
for the first time in my life.

Tonight I accepted life
with no grudge or prayer for more,
fully aware nothing is perfect.
Still, it felt good standing still.

Tonight I was free again,
and living didn’t seem like a drag.
Took a break from moving forward
to enjoy the wonders of being.

Tomorrow things are gonna change.
The end of the beginning of the end.
Convoluted web of expectations,
but tonight I made peace with being.


You live, having grown up unhappy
You seek, but the search often leads nowhere
You cry, but the tears just roll inside
You die, and all is left matters to no one...

You fear, cause it often hurts you too much
You love, but your love is so strange to them
You try, bBut all you can get is life
You fight the fatalist inside in vain...

So don't fool yourself
Don't believe them
That it's all okay
Don't put down your gun
They say what they want
But it's all just lies
It's been long enough
Never just good enough
And you
Just want it to end
Just want it to go away

Think twice is all they can say but you have
Believed in the beauty and love of life
You know that the end is so, so close
You pull and the pain will be no more in you...

You're dead, you see all is left behind you
They're sad, but all they can do is moving on
And now it's just so bright ahead
At last, your fatalist has gone away...